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Fully screen printed decals

2020 Marks a milestone in our decal production. As we have been producing model decals in-house now for 25 years. Our decals are fully screen printed island decals, that are printed using custom made decal inks. These inks help the decals adhere to the model surfaces, and to settle in to compound curves and panel lines. All processes of production are done in-house here in Australia.


Conversion's and upgrade kits

All our conversion kits are fully researched and have a high amount of detail. All parts are tested and made to suit the specified model kits. 

All parts are made here in Australia. 


Ink Colour Matching

All our inks are colour matched to either Federal standards, Australian standards, British Standards or RAAF WWII K3 paint chips. When possible we will even match to the aircraft's actual painted surface. 

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